The Parade Queen

The Parade Queen is a proud iconic feature of the parade sponsored by the New Haven Gaelic Football & Hurling Club and Irish-American Community Center in East Haven.

Selected from contestants from the four Associated Irish Societies, New Haven Gaelic Football & Hurling Club, Knights of St. Patrick, Ancient Order of Hibernians (Fr. McKeon Div.), and West Haven Irish American Club. The Parade Queen represents all four organizations for the year.

The 2014 Parade Queen Selection was held Saturday, February 8, 2014, at the New Haven Gaelic Football & Hurling Club / Irish-American Community Center, in East Haven.

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2014 Parade Queen and Honor Attendant Selected

The annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade Queen Selection, sponsored by the New Haven Gaelic Football & Hurling Club in East Haven, was held on February 8th.

The 2014 Parade Queen is Alexis Wheway.  The 2014 Honor Attendant is Morgan Hildebrandt.

Alexis is the daughter of Candace Boyle and Joseph Wheway.  Her ancestors are from Countey Leitrim.  Alexis is currently a student at Southern Connecticut State University studying International Relations and will graduate in 2016.  Alexis is also employed by Anna Liffey’s Pub and Restaurant, her personal ambition is to be the best humanitarian she can be while pursuing a career as a Journalist for Vice Magazine, and is interested in Gaelic Football, hiking, traveling, and learning about different cultures, as well as listening to the Dave Matthews Band.  Alexis is a member of the New Haven Gaelic Football & Hurling Club.

Morgan is the daughter of Anna Malone and John Hildebrandt.  her ancestors are from County Donegal and County Clare.  Morgan is a student at Sacred Heart University majoring in Sports Management and Business Administration.  Morgan will graduate in 2017.  Her personal ambition is to be successful in her passions and enjoy the many opportunities the world has to offer through travel.  Morgan’s other interests include social functions, traveling, her culture, pursuing her education, and ice hockey.  Morgan is a member of the New Haven Gaelic Football & Hurling Club.

The event was hosted by Alison Morris of FOX-CT.  The event was chaired by Briana Conway and Courtney Connors, both previous titleholders for New Haven’s St. Patrick’s Day parade.  There were five contestants representing the four Associated Irish Societies from which the Parade Queen and Honor Attendant were selected.

Wheway and Hildebrandt will represent the four clubs that comprise the Associated Irish Societies – the New Haven Football & Hurling Club, the Knights of St. Patrick, the West Haven Irish-American Club, and the Ancient Order of Hibernians. Their first major appearances will be at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Ball on Saturday, March 8, at Yale Commons, followed by their roles as parade queen and honor attendant in the March 16th St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New Haven. The parade will begin at 1:30 pm in downtown New Haven.

Past Parade Queens and Honor Attendants

Year Parade Queen Honor Attendant
2014 Alexis Wheway Morgan Hildebrandt
2013 Fiona Stewart Kate Thompson
2012 Carolyn Shea Kate Thompson
2011 Kristina Conroy Carolyn Shea
2010 Lindsey Stamp Kristina  Conroy
2009 Katie Morris Brittney Lipsett
2008 Briana Conway Laura Brayfield
2007 Erin Collins Courtney Lundgren
2006 Maura Monahan Briana Conway
2005 Melinda Enright Jillian Mackey
2004 Moriah Conlan Meghan Wilson
2003 Cathleen Steinau Siobhan Straub
2002 Caitlin Monahan Melinda Enright
2001 Sinead Stewart Caitlin Monahan
2000 Barbara Stratton Sheila Smyth
1999 Patricia Lilllis Elizabeth Murphy
1998 Catherine Hopkins Kara Roxbee
1997 Karen Freed Tracy Henderson
1996 Laura Garrity Karen Freed
1995 Karyn Gallagher Laura Garrity
1994 Bernadette Smyth Lisa Peckingham
1993 Doreen Keogh Karyn Gallagher
1992 Mary-Kathy Cullagh Karyn Gallagher
1991 Katherine McGowan Patricia O’Shea
1990 Josephine Craig Katherine McGowan
1989 Geraldine Lillis Irene Horgan
1988 Diane Graham Eileen Conway
1987 Fionnuala Mackey Mary Clarke
1986 Darcy Smith Karen Sullivan
1985 Susan O’Connor Lauren Montgomery
1984 Linda Gill Lauren Montgomery
1983 Aileen Lawless Maureen McDermott
1982 Kerry Lawless Mary Ann Gannon
1981 Valerie Spagnle Maureen O’Reilly
1980 Margo Mackey Mary Lynch
1979 Patty Roxbee Margo Mackey
1978 Claire Barrett Irene Wheeler
1977 Katie O’Keefe Eileen McNolty
1976 Rosemary Hartigan Kathie Roxbee
Miss Ireland Miss Irish American
1975 Jamie O’Donovan Sheila Keehan
1974 Bridie Smyth Nora O’Keefe
1973 Edna Farrell Eileen Shields
1972 Helen Kellegher Linda Beers
1971 Mary Joyce Irene Devlin
1970 Catherine Cullagh Bonnie McNolty
1969 Pam White Catherine Thompson
1968 Elizabeth Smyth Elizabeth Dalton
1967 Ruby Ashenhurst Mary Flynn
1966 Maureen Canning Rita Manning
1965 Grace Tighe Patricia Collins
1964 Marglin Reardon Margaret Farrell
1963 Patricia Foley Katherine Hanrahan
1962 Mary McArdle Eileen Sullivan
1961 Mary Foley Nancy Griswold
1960 Mary Sheehan Patricia Griffiths
1959 Mary Theresa Corry Patricia O’Connor
1958 Susan Smith Mary Manning
1957 Mary McArdle Maureen Hanrahan
1956 Mary McCarty Maureen Earl